About Us



Established in 2006, Seagreen opened its doors in Monkstown, located in Dublin’s affluent Southern Suburbs. Sitting on the picturesque edge of the bay area, Seagreen became a Destination store unlike any other.

Behind Dublin’s leading independent boutique is Sarah Gill; whose passion from the start has always been to bring interesting and completely fabulous brands to Ireland for the first time to showcase them in a unique and memorable setting. After several years travelling the world with her work, Sarah found herself inspired by the concept stores of Miami and New York. She moved back to Dublin to open a store that would shape the landscape of Irish fashion retail over the next ten years.   

In 2012, Seagreen became Ireland’s first premium independent boutique to open a sister store.  Based in Ranelagh, in the Western suburbs of Dublin city, the opening of the second store broadened its customer base and gained more popularity and notoriety across Ireland.

14 years on, our team has expanded but our core ethos remains the same. Each piece in our stores has been hand-picked just for you; bought with your lifestyle in mind- from the school run, to the boardroom, to drinks with friends. There is genuine love behind every item you will come across and we hope you enjoy our labels and our edits as much as we do.    


"I love that feeling of a ‘find’, so when selecting brands & stock for Seagreen, I look for the same thing.

It’s so important to me that our customers experience that with every purchase:

there’s genuine love behind every item I buy." Sarah Gill